Audubon Print - White Pelican

Audubon Print - White Pelican £14.99


A beautiful print of The American White Pelican from the hand coloured plates of Audubon's Birds of America. 

Image description as it appears in the book

Pelecanus americanus. Plate CCCXI. Adult male. Original plate size: 97 x 65.5 cm.

This beautiful species—for, Reader, it is truly beautiful, and you would say so were you to pick it up in all the natural cleanness of its plumage, from the surface of the water—carries its crest broadly expanded, as if divided into two parts from the centre of the head.

The brightness of its eyes seemed to me to rival that of the purest diamond; and in the love season, or the spring of the year, the orange-red colour of its legs and feet, as well as of the pouch and bill, is wonderfully enriched, being as represented in my plate, while during the autumnal months these parts are pale.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

Printed on Matt 250gsm conservation digital paper. A very versatile high quality paper made in Germany from acid and chlorine free wood pulp.

The exhibition Audubon's Birds of America runs from 12 Feb - 8 May 2022 at the National Museum of Scotland.


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