Lewis Chess Set - Deluxe Edition with Book
Lewis Chess Set - Deluxe Edition with Book

Lewis Chess Set - Deluxe Edition with Book £550.00


Handmade in the UK, this deluxe chess set has been created with authentic replicas of the Lewis Chessmen from the National Museums Scotland collection. The accompanying book, The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked, explores their fascinating story.

Discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis but dating back to the 12th Century, these Viking relics are one of the museum’s most popular gifts.

Further Details

This set includes a folding chess board, full set of playing pieces and a copy of the book Chessmen: Unmasked.

The oak chess board folds to create an exquisite presentation box etched with motifs from the St. Ninian’s Isle hoard. Each finely sculpted chess piece has been handmade in the UK from 3D laser scans and uses a simulated ivory finish to accurately represent the walrus ivory originals.

The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked is published by NMS Enterprises Ltd -Publishing © 2010.

Dimensions: Fully extended the board measures 58cm by 58cm and is 6.5cm deep. The tallest playing piece, the King, stands 8.5cm tall.
Materials: This folding chess board has been created in oak and each chess piece is sculpted in poly-resin with a black felt base.
Author(s): David H. Caldwell, Mark A. Hall and Caroline M. Wilkinson

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