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Iona Mermaid Counter Earrings



These Sterling Silver earrings are inspired by a fascinating medieval playing piece from our collection.

Found during archaeological work near the Chapter house of Iona Abbey, the carved bone playing counter is thought to be from the 15th or 16th century, and depicts a crowned mermaid holding a fish in her right hand, and her own tail in her left. 

The Mermaid has been a popular mythical creature within many cultures throughout history. In Scottish Folklore, the Ceasg is a creature with the upper body of a beautiful woman merging with the tail of a Grilse (a young salmon). She is also known in Scottish Gaelic as Maighdean na Tuinne (maid of the wave) or Maighdean Mhara (maid of the sea).

This Mermaid piece is also replicated as playing counters in our Lewis Chess and Draughts game.

Matching pendant also available.

Handmade exclusively for NMS by Ricky Pitcher, Blairgowrie.


16mm x 16mm


ISBN: 60059376

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