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We use Royal Mail and multiple international couriers to fulfill our orders.

Further information on customer's shipments will be provided in the Shipping Confirmation email sent once orders have been fulfilled.

 United KingdomEuropeNorth AmericaOceaniaRest of World
0g – 1kg£5.00£8.00£8.00£8.00£12.00
1kg – 1.5kg£5.00£20.00£22.00£32.00£22.00
1.5kg – 2kg£5.00£20.00£28.00£35.00£35.00
2kg – 3kg£10.00£30.00£35.00£45.00£40.00
3kg – 4kg£15.00£30.00£40.00£60.00£60.00
4kg – 5kg£20.00£40.00£50.00£80.00£70.00
5kg – 9kg£25.00£55.00£80.00£100.00£100.00