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Lewis Chess Set - Small - Brown

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A full chess set featuring miniature replicas of the National Museums Scotland Lewis Chessmen and a playing board adorned with Celtic knots. Discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis but dating back to the 12th Century, the Lewis Chessmen recall a time of feuding Viking lords and violent invasions.

They are one of National Museums Scotland’s most popular gifts

Box dimensions: 32cm x 24.5cm x 8cm

The replica Chessmen have been created from 3D laser scans of objects in the National Museums Scotland and British Museum collections. Both the playing pieces and board are finished in simulated cream or coloured ivory to accurately represent the walrus ivory originals. The beautiful chessboard also serves as a protective case, with a cut foam interior and black felt lining to keep each chess piece safe between games.

Dimensions: The board diameter has a diameter of 22cm. The tallest playing piece, the King, stands 4cm tall.
Materials: Both the chessboard and playing pieces are finely sculpted in poly-resin with a protective felt base.
Suitable for (ages): Not suitable for children under 3 years.
ISBN: 20049072

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