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The Secret Lives of Colour



Lively and engagingly written, The Secret Lives of Colour decodes colour in culture through art, history, fashion and fiction from Yves Cline blue to the scarlet woman. A fascinating cultural history.

'A dazzling and vibrant history of colour, from Van Gogh's wilting yellow sunflowers to Turner's deadly green and Picasso's darkest period' - The Mail on Sunday

From its origins as a column in Elle Decoration, Kassia St Clair presents a dazzling catalogue of the hues that have shaped our planet.

The Secret Lives of Colour peels back the hidden history of some 75 pigments and reveals their mesmeric relationship to our culture, from the origins of silver being the substance of choice for our tableware to Isaac Newton’s surprisingly arbitrary definition of the spectrum to entertain his own theories.

Author: Kassia St Clair


336 pages

ISBN: 9781473630833

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